TIG welding for beginners

Every Saturday 10am-1pm. Every other Wednesday 6-9pm

In this three hour class you will learn the basics of TIG welding on mild steel. From machine settings and positioning to types of weld joints. You'll finish the class by welding your own metal dice!

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This class is for beginners but is open to those who already know how to weld and want to improve their skill set.

We will start with the machine settings for welding mild steel, discuss your body positioning, how to hold and move with the torch and the types of weld joints you may come across.

You will then have a go at striking the arc and moving the weld puddle along to create a bead without filler rod. Once you're comfortable with that you will do the same but this time with some mild steel filler.

Dan will then show you how to tack pieces together before having a go at welding an outside corner joint.

You will finish the lesson by welding your own metal dice to take home. You can keep it raw with the welding marks on it or for a small surcharge have it sanded and powder coated in a finish of your choice.