Design, metal fabrication, metal shaping and welding. We make everything from structures for galleries and museums to sculptures and full build custom motorcycles. We take on small jobs to large projects. Around this, we also run courses and classes such as TIG Welding and other craft based skills.

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10 yrs ago we started out as a custom motorcycle workshop. It has now grown into a design and fabrication, one stop shop.


Sheet metal

We offer various sheet metal fabrication services including metal shaping as well as laser cutting, folding and and bending.


We offer both TIG and MIG welding in mild and stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and others depending on the project.

Manual machining

Manual machining for small to medium batch production. We have a Bridgeport mill and Colchester lathe to cover a number of processes.


Precision fabrication in sheet metal, box section framework and tube. From garden furniture to structural frames.

Design and CAD

We can work with you from the design stages of your project from conceptual drawings to CAD in Fusion 360.


One of our favourite things to do in the workshop is to be free in creativity. Furniture, sculptures and artworks are all within our scope.

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Our Story

We started with a small workshop building custom motorcycles 10 yrs ago. After gaining experience in all the skills that go with such a craft we now offer much more in the workshop as we enjoy anything that includes making and creativity. We always strive to be the best we can be, in our opinion a lifelong pursuit, and thoroughly enjoy taking on challenges and new projects.

Founder - Daniel Thomas

I have always worked in creative industries. I left school and became a professional musician for 10 years before starting the first version of Lions' Den which was specifically a custom motorcycle workshop. I've always loved making things with my hands and so improving my skills, learning new ones and working with creative people is what excites me when I step in to the workshop.